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Dubai City Tour

Dubai welcomes all visitors in true Arabian hospitality, whether you arrive over land, by air or sea. An emirate within the United Arab Emirates, Dubai began its dramatic transformation from pearl-diving and a fishing village, along with the discovery of oil in the late 1960s. Now the busiest tourism, trade and commerce hub in the region, Dubaiís dependence on the oil economy is minimal. This unprecedented development is marked by the growth in population of the United Arab Emirates as a whole, from a mere 200,000 to a remarkable 4 million. True to the visionary spirit that built the city of Dubai, such rapid growth has not yet gone unchecked. This futuristic 21st century structure houses an excellent variety of food and beverage facilities, a superb duty-free shopping as well as award-winning First and business Class lounges. Another perfect gateway to this fascinating city is the award-winning Dubai Cruise ship Terminal. With a terminal space covering 3,300 square meters, it is located on a 335m quay with the capacity to simultaneously berth two ships.


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