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An Emirate renowned for its scenic beauty, Fujairah is truly a beach lover’s paradise. Pristine stretches of sand extend for 90 kilometers along the coast with a whole host of ancient archaeological sites, telling the history and glories of the region.

Fujairah is also renowned for its high mountains of multiple colours and deep valleys where water flows throughout the year. Other attractions include the healing waters found at the Madhab and Gamour springs, which are laimed to heal rheumatism and some skin disorders. The Wareea’s waterfalls is one of the most beautiful mountainous spots in Fujairah.

The three natural marine reserves for sea creatures at Faqeet, Dhinada and Aqah, allow visitors to see a variety of fish and rare sea creatures underwater. The ruins of old fortresses and mosques at bithna and bidiya provide enormous clues to the spectacular history of the region, and provide a great getaway spot for camping and trekking, even the odd barbecue. For those seeking historical facts and a photographic journey back in time, try the Fujairah Museum and the Heritage Village where you can see life as it was many years ago.


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